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19Th Century Renegade by Da Font

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Note of the authorFOR ANY USAGE Either: Donate money to Andrew McCluskey via PayPal: [email protected] I recommend the donation sum is what you feel the font is worth to you and what you feel is right for what you're getting from the font - I make less from doing this than you might think! Or: See here for alternatives! http://nalgames.com/donations/ FOR PERSONAL OR NON-PROFIT USAGE Either: Do any of the options from "For Any Usage" Or: Drop me a line on [email protected] telling me you're using it. If possible, include what for, and if you're feeling generous, I'd love to see a sample of my font in action! This grants you, or the organisation/etc you represent, the ability to use this font infinitely for non-commercial/non-profit (option 2) or anything whatsoever (option 1). I do not restrict what you want to use it for, anything goes. You may redistribute this font, but please let me know via [email protected] (I won't prohibit redistribution under any circumstance) and please include everything contained within the .zip folder the font was downloaded in.   More... For any queries, just email [email protected] with what you want to ask, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you can, please include the name of the font as well as the word "font" in the email title so I can prioritise a reply to it. Cheers. Thank-you for downloading this font and I hope you find a use for it! For more information, custom font ordering, bulk font purchasing etc, visit http://nalgames.com/ FIND ME ON THE INTERNET! Website: http://nalgames.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/NALGames Twitter: http://twitter.com/NALGames YouTube: http://youtube.com/NALGames

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